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30 Billion Concert: $2 000 Border Between The Haves and The Have Nots

Just a few days ago Twitter went ablaze with battle lines being drawn between the North and South of Samora (Machel Avenue), concerns rising over who should and should not attend ‘Unplugged,’.

As if that was not enough, judgement day is finally upon us as Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure’s upcoming all white party, will distinguish sheep from goats, elites from wannabes after setting a $2 000 entry fee for VVIP section against $20 for the rest of the auditorium.

The all white party, ‘Ginimbi’s trademark,’ will be descending upon Harare International Conference Centre (HICC) on the  21st of April, first time in Zimbabwe and to make it special, this time it will be graced by Nigerian superstar, Davido.

Though a distinguishing line may evoke bitterness,  it is warming to note that, it is a two in one gig. Those who cannot afford to attend the all white party will still get an opportunity to meet their idol, Davido- though from a distant.

Meanwhile, speaking to 263Chat, Ginimbi said VVIP tickets, put on market last week have sold more that 50 percent.

“The 500 VVIP tickets we put on sale last week have already sold over 50 percent,” said Kadungure.

The battle continues and North of Samora wins again, is it over for the South, its game on and who knows, maybe next time its the turn of the defeated to rise up and be counted.

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