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Masiyiwa’s arduous journey to procure Covid-19 vaccines for Africa

  Vaccine hesitancy is doing arguably the greatest injustice to the African Union’s (AU’s) hard work that was led by Strive Masiyiwa, the continental body’s special envoy dealing with the Covid-19 crisis. By Japhet Ncube Masiyiwa, the AU envoy tasked with securing vaccines for the continent, recently chronicled Africa’s struggle to secure jabs for its […]

Everything You Need To Know About Collective Bargaining

What is collective bargaining? Collective bargaining is a voluntary process for reconciling the conflicting interests and aspirations of management and labour through the joint regulation of terms and conditions of employment. It is also a process of negotiation between management and union representative for the purpose of arriving at mutually acceptable wages and working conditions […]

OPINION: Taming Inflation Is An arduous Task

The Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency (Zimstat) pointed that year on year (annual) inflation rate marginally increased to 51.55% in September 2021 from 50.24% in August 2021 after 8 months of straight decline from 363% recorded in January 2021. The increase comes in the wake of a widening spread between the formal auction rate (Now US$1: […]

Inefficient Auction System Dragging Economic Recovery

Zimbabwe has managed to turnaround and achieved double digit annual inflation from a periodic high of 838% realized in July 2020 to 56% achieved in July 2021. By Victor Bhoroma The redollarization of the local economy and relative slow growth in money supply have been instrumental in attaining price stability. Foreign currency deposits with local […]

Masiyiwa retraces how he got involved in the fight against COVID

Econet Founder and pan-African businessman and philanthropist Strive Masiyiwa, who is the African Union Special Envoy for COVID-19, retraces how he got involved in the fight against the deadly virus just before the outbreak of the pandemic Masiyiwa writes: In February 2020, a month after the pandemic began to spread globally, I travelled to Abu […]

How I first met Sir Richard Branson – By Strive Masiyiwa

How I first met Sir Richard Branson – by Strive Masiyiwa On the eve of Sir Richard Branson flight to space aboard a Virgin Galactic spacecraft at the weekend, Strive Masiyiwa recounts how he first met Sir Richard and gives a glowing tribute to the mentor, the philanthropist and the legendary entrepreneur that he is […]

OPINION: Let’s Support Our Own Indigenous Business People

Africa takes pride when a son or daughter of the soil flourish within and beyond the continent. Of late, successful entrepreneurs especially those who have invested in their countries have been making the headlines even competing with the world’s business giants, the likes of Bill Gates. We exalt our own business tycoons, like Strive Masiiwa, […]

Why Africa Needs To Asset Its Position In The International Division Of Labour System

The international economy has always been characterised by the specialization of particular countries in distinct branches of production, whether this be in certain products, or in selected parts of the production process. By Tyra Mhakayakora The International Division of labour is more precisely defined as the specialization of particular countries in distinct branches of production, whether this be […]

African Countries Should Start Investing In Their Substitute Commodities

By Charles Dhewa While the profile of indigenous food has been rising over the past few years across Africa, policy makers are yet to direct policies and public spending to the majority of indigenous commodities. A lot of support continues to be directed at exotic commodities that are being threatened more by a changing climate. […]