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African Countries Should Start Investing In Their Substitute Commodities

By Charles Dhewa While the profile of indigenous food has been rising over the past few years across Africa, policy makers are yet to direct policies and public spending to the majority of indigenous commodities. A lot of support continues to be directed at exotic commodities that are being threatened more by a changing climate. […]

Strive Masiyiwa Named Among 2021 World’s 50 Greatest Leaders

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe founder and chairperson Strive Masiyiwa has been named among 2021 World’s 50 Greatest leaders for his pioneering role in championing a cashless payments and participation in the fight against COVID-19. Masiyiwa  is number 48 on a list that also includes International tennis sensation Naomi Osaka, country music legend Dolly Parton and the […]

OPINION: Emerging Politics of Zim’s Latest Constitutional Amendment

The Parliament of Zimbabwe is in the process of amending Zimbabwe’s national constitution a second time in as many years.  At the time of writing the Constitutional Amendment Bill number 2 is headed for Senate after having been agreed to by way of a required two thirds majority vote in the National Assembly.  The latter […]

Cry My Beloved Zimbabwe

Today the 18th of April 2021, Zimbabwe has reached 41 years of socio-political independence from former colonisers the British government. By Shelton Muchena It was only after 19 years of political independence when Zimbabweans realized that the so called freedom was nothing as the economic levers remained in the hands of the White minority who […]

Enduring Legacy Of Military Coups, Effects On Governance In Africa

The last five years have witnessed the resurgence of military coups in the African continent with almost all governments vulnerable to ‘military intervention’. There is a strong connection between poor governance and the methods of attaining power. Governments which come through military coups hardly deliver much to the fulfilment of majority of citizens’ expectations and […]

Learn, Save and Earn with SECZ this Global Money Week

Global Money Week 2021 (GMW2021) is underway! As the world continues to adjust to the effects of Covid-19 pandemic, Global Money Week 2021 is shifting the gears to financial education mode this week. GMW2021, an annual week-long event is aimed at financially equipping young people from an early age to make smart financial decisions for […]

JOB SIKHALA: My Arrest, Signs of Danger For Everyone in Zimbabwe

I received intelligence early morning on Friday the 8th of January 2021, that the regime of Emmerson Mnangagwa was planning to arrest me. As I always know the information to reliable, I informed the world about the impending arrest. I informed my brother and friend Hopewell Chin’ono about the information and he said he will […]

COVID-19 and the Wide Political Chasms of Zimbabweans

The recent passing on of two cabinet ministers and several prominent figures in the country revealed a sad reality. Zimbabweans have been polarized on political lines to the extent of trading their morals and Ubuntu to settle political scores. By Shelton Muchena In African tradition, death is a unifier, enemies come together in the spirit […]

Media: Partner Or Foe In Zim Fight Against COVID-19?

Against the backdrop of the devastating coronavirus which has claimed millions of lives and still counting, media has done little as part of the frontline soldiers in combating the diseases through dissemination of accurate information and awareness. By Shelton Muchena Questions would be asked whether the fourth estate is playing its part or is now […]

Digital Systems, The Key Solution to Ending Spread Of Covid-19

Since its onset in December 2019, Covid-19 has affected all aspects of human life across the world. Be it schooling or work, it is no longer business as usual. By Shelton Muchena The fact that Covid-19 is a social disease, with social interaction as its primary means of spread, has brought emphasis on the need […]