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Chase Purpose Not Money

When the word love comes in the picture, it means there is excessive passion or affection. With love people lose sanity. With love, reasoning diminishes quickly like Mulberries found on the road to a primary school in the ghetto. Loving money is dangerous! BY SIMBA MAZOYO Let it be crystal clear that by no means […]

10 Signs You Are Not Yet Ready to Buy a Home

Most property sellers would argue that home ownership is something everyone should strive for, and for the most part, they are right. There are a number of benefits to owning a home, like not having to pay rent, having a property to leave the family in the distant future, and possessing a financial asset that […]

The Contrasting Images of Fidel Castro

Cubans exiled in USA are celebrating whilst other world inhabitants are expressing extreme remorse at the icon’s departure. It’s more confusing especially if you have mixed information from CNN News & Aljazeera or maybe read the Sunday Mail just after reading the Daily News. Fidel Castro is a divisive figure in terms of opinion, but […]

Zimbabwe Mortgages Too Expensive

Real Estate is funded by borrowed money. Many hopeful home owners are helped to realize their dreams by mortgage companies. The growth of the Real Estate Industry is dependent on funding. Zimbabwe’s real estate growth has been weak due to liquidity challenges. Housing shortage has reached alarming rates of 1-1.5 million meaning that half of […]

Open Letter to Pastor Evan Mawarire

Dear Pastor Evan: I hope I find you well. Asking is just a formality by the way, in Shona we say ‘’kubvunzira chirango’’. What could hurt you when you are now living in a country were lack is rare and abundance is the norm? A land were over 100 million votes are counted in 24hours […]

Rejecting Bond Notes in the Water Sector

Dear RBZ Governor Mangudya I write this letter after spending five days without water in my suburb and also after several typhoid cases have been reported in Harare. I reside in Harare. I write to express my personal opinion on bond notes. In 2007/8 Local Authorities grappled with cholera. Besides the ageing infrastructure the other […]

Zimbabwe Needs an Alternative Monetary Arrangement Not Bond Notes

For the past three months or so, central bank authorities have been advancing efforts to introduce bond notes, which they admit is not money that can be used elsewhere across borders. Their chief motive is to encourage exports by easing cash shortages within the multi-currency system. Brian Tavonga Mazorodze It is however not so meaningful […]

A citizen’s voice on Natural Resources Governance

I long for an African Government that has teeth, teeth to rip through the activities of large multinational conglomerates who are abusing and stealing Africa’s immense natural wealth, while the continent, to be specific, my own country Zimbabwe, perishes on the rocks of economic malaise, and from the resultant want and hunger. Masimba Manyanya  It […]

Black shadow

Black shadow Black shadow That’s what I am I am there in the presents of light That means I got a heart You can’t see me in the dark That means I am shy in the light Scared   Recurring thoughts pounder Am I worth it? Am I anything Am I good enough? Am I […]