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A citizen’s voice on Natural Resources Governance

I long for an African Government that has teeth, teeth to rip through the activities of large multinational conglomerates who are abusing and stealing Africa’s immense natural wealth, while the continent, to be specific, my own country Zimbabwe, perishes on the rocks of economic malaise, and from the resultant want and hunger. Masimba Manyanya  It […]

Black shadow

Black shadow Black shadow That’s what I am I am there in the presents of light That means I got a heart You can’t see me in the dark That means I am shy in the light Scared   Recurring thoughts pounder Am I worth it? Am I anything Am I good enough? Am I […]

Understanding Bank ATM Fees

Did you know that an average savings account gets charged $150 annually? Now multiply this with a bank with 10 000 savings account holders (other banks like CBZ and Steward Bank actually have more) and this translate to $1.5 million. That’s not all, on top of charging you, banks use your deposits to generate interest […]