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The 30 Band$ Episode ft Dakari

Content hosted by This week on Keep it Real Fridays! SELETINE is riding solo as he chops it up with American based producer Dakari who is currently working G-Eazy and building a Zim based record label. The boys discuss production royalties; working at Quad Studios; Zim talent that caught his eye, producing the MGK […]

Taking Stock Of The African FinTech Goldrush

According to a recent World Bank report, it’s more costly to send money to Africa than to anywhere else in the world. On average, a 12% remittance fee is charged for every USD200 sent to the continent. Just last year (2017), African Diasporans reportedly sent home USD38 billion, and doubtless, a solid chunk of that […]

We tried not to be serious

Content hosted by With the captain of the NOOGnation ship away (Onai), the Other Guys come out to play. Skittles & Nigel (Mr. Sweet) discuss the opposition parliamentarians seemingly rowdy behaviour, 2008 Zimbabwean problems coming back to haunt us and if there is even a good reason to hold a mock inauguration adding in […]

Behold the new cabinet

Content hosted by Henry and Chris have a succinct look at Zimbabwe’s new cabinet. The pros , the cons the wins the loses the technocrats and the dead wood. They also tackle the opposition and their prospects, as well as a brief look at the legislature and its potential.

Visionaries ft Anoziva Marindire

Content hosted by We are back! We caught up with Anoziva Marindire, founder of “Girls Speak” She shared what her organisation is all about with us and how it has helped young girls harness life skills. We spoke about her trip to New York under the YALI program, dispelled some myths about YALI and […]

When strings get too attached

Content hosted by Skittles and Miri join Onai in this episode where they first celebrate Skittles birthday and she explains why she isn’t so “happy” about it. They then go into the constitutional court ruling, if Chamisa was really taking people through a wild goose chase or did they really get the raw end […]

Just how Christian are resident club goers? Feat Sokostina

Content hosted by A little country in the heart of the Southern African continent prouds itself of its religious status, leaving the X generation standing on the blurry lines of what is acceptable and what is not. Sokostina weighs in on the spiritual life of a bhawa ranger and how to manage date rape. […]

The post election episode

Content hosted by We delve into the election how it was run and how the results where announced. While the election seems like a lifetime ago given the tragic post election crackdown we speak on the elections as an event and ZEC as an institution.