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Mashurugwi Menace: Why Law Enforcement Agents Will Not Act

In one of my articles in 2019, I attempted to highlight the existence of what Francis Fukuyama termed “shadow economies” in our Zimbabwean context. By Rawlings Magede In his book, Political Order and Political decay, he traces the origins of the Italian Mafia in cities such as Lombardy and Sicily. He notes that they gained […]

Energy Challenges Sinking Zimbabwe’s Economy

The 2019 survey report by the Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC) on the impact of energy challenges on business paints a grim picture of the state of production in the economy. Unrelenting power cuts and fuel shortages have devastated the local economy with the value of exports and production capacity taking a huge knock. […]

Rebuilding Zimbabwe Starts With Strong Institutions

It is now apparent that Zimbabwe’s socio-economic status needs rebuilding and radical reforms if the country is to develop. The economy is set to contract by at least 6.5 percent in 2019 according to data from the treasury department, while the IMF predicts that the decline will be more than 7.1 percent. This will be […]

Quality Of Everything: A Necessity For Zimbabwe

Quality is an art that each every individual must learn, master and practice to create a better or acceptable level of standard that enables sanity and structure of any environment that they occupy. Branding a country through quality management systems gives the country a fair chance for competition internally and externally on the global market. […]

Zimbabwe Needs Commodities Exchange Markets

The recent revelations by the Zimbabwean government that the country loses over 30 tonnes of Gold (Worth around US$2 billion) to South Africa and other world markets, through smuggling every year are heartbreaking. These revelations do not take into account other precious minerals such as Diamond and Chrome that have been subject to smuggling reports […]

ED’s Government Lack Commitment Towards Devolution

The ZANU PF government’s commitment to fully implement devolution as enshrined in the constitution of the country is doubtful.  The implementation of devolution is taking long due to the lack of political will on the party of the government. By Lloyd Mupfudze Section 264 provides for the devolution of governmental powers and responsibilities but it’s […]

OPINION: Buccaneering Usurper Auxillia Mnangagwa Must Step Back

Barely two years into her husband’s tenure as President, First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa has diminished the little dignity she enjoyed having come into the comforts of State House on the back of a military coup. In this short time, Mrs Mnangagwa has been caught on audio recordings threatening military officers and on camera intimidating workers […]

City Branding: Turning Zimbabwean Cities Into Sustainable Services

Restaurants may order chickens from the same supplier but the outcomes of the final products are different. The taste, texture, aroma and presentation, all because of the ingredients, methods of preparing, environment, target market,  the brand calibre and the chefs. Ever think why Meikles Hotel chicken is US$20 and Chicken Inn is US$2. The above […]