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Building A Women Agency For Climate Justice: An Ecofeminist Perspective

Women and other socially and economically disadvantaged groups absorb the brutal impact of climate change. This is largely due to deeply entrenched social roles and economic exclusion. In addition, whilst women bear the brunt of climate change, they tend to be the least equipped to deal with its impacts due to exclusion in decision making […]

Opinion: Zimbabwe People’s Charter

In a recent paper, I argued that Zimbabwe’s problems cannot be resolved until credible attempts have been made to define the Zimbabwe problem. Following that, I defined the Zimbabwe problem to be greed (for Money, Wealth and Power) and proposed that this problem can be solved through the redistribution of disproportionate money wealth and power. […]

OPINION: Church, A Major Driver Of Gender Based Violence

Women have suffered and continue to suffer gender based violence. By Shelton Muchena Regardless of their social standing and intellect, women continue to suffer from gender related issues. Even the educated and the famous silently suffer from gender related issues. More worrying is the fact that rape has been a major form of harassment against […]

Virginity: What’s It Worth?

Conversations about virginity always get people riled up because it usually affects their cultural or religious beliefs and we know those are dangerous waters to trade on. By Gracia Casandra  Firstly l will need to put a disclaimer that the following are not my opinion but rather from research and also opinions from Zimbabwean women […]

Op-Ed: The G20 Faces Three Big Tests

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve heard a lot about global solidarity. Unfortunately, words by themselves will not end the pandemic – or curb the impact of the climate crisis. Now is the moment to show what solidarity means in practice. As G20 Finance Ministers meet in Venice, they face three crucial solidarity […]

Why Africa Needs To Asset Its Position In The International Division Of Labour System

The international economy has always been characterised by the specialization of particular countries in distinct branches of production, whether this be in certain products, or in selected parts of the production process. By Tyra Mhakayakora The International Division of labour is more precisely defined as the specialization of particular countries in distinct branches of production, whether this be […]

OPINION: Emerging Politics of Zim’s Latest Constitutional Amendment

The Parliament of Zimbabwe is in the process of amending Zimbabwe’s national constitution a second time in as many years.  At the time of writing the Constitutional Amendment Bill number 2 is headed for Senate after having been agreed to by way of a required two thirds majority vote in the National Assembly.  The latter […]

Tech Trends That Cannot Be Ignored in 2021 And Beyond

  The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated reduced physical human interaction with more people engaging online now than ever before. This is unlikely to fade anytime soon and will see the increased datafication of our lives. Every click leaves a digital or data footprint – a trail of information that we have viewed or created. These […]