COVID-19 and the Wide Political Chasms of Zimbabweans

The recent passing on of two cabinet ministers and several prominent figures in the country revealed a sad reality.

Zimbabweans have been polarized on political lines to the extent of trading their morals and Ubuntu to settle political scores.

By Shelton Muchena

In African tradition, death is a unifier, enemies come together in the spirit of ubuntu/hunhu; but this has not  been the case in our country.

Regrettably, a war of words erupted with some people celebrating the demise of these national heroes while some have thrown conspiracy theories pointing fingers at some medical doctors and accusing them of foul play.

A self-pro-claimed medical doctor who uses the pseudonym, ‘Skilled rebhara’ also celebrated the deaths, forcing Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Mr Nick Ndabaningi Mangwana to come out guns blazing and demanding a probe on the deaths.

However, Cde Mangwana has since worn the apology jersey for the outburst.

Prominent opposition members like Hon Biti  are also accused of celebrating the demise of cabinet ministers and taking advantage of the virus to seek political mileage. Recently, it is believed that Mr Biti wrote to world bank advising them not to render any help to Zimbabwe.

Such is the hypocrisy of our political leaders as they would take every opportunity to seek political mileage at the expense of m suffering citizens.

The bad publicity that the country face is being orchestrated by its own citizens through social media, fake abductions and fake news.

It is hight time, the political leadership of the country both ruling and opposition unite against the same cause and draw a line to demarcate the extent to which their fights should go.

They should stop seeking political mileage at the expense of this invincible enemy that knows no boundary and carries no card of any political party.

What unites us is more than what divides us, hence Corona has given us a perfect opportunity to unite.

Those in the corridors of power should also take heed and remember that WHO guidelines apply to every one regardless of society standing or political power.

This is not the time for parties, this not the time for merry -making, it is time to save lives.

Zimbabwe has always been on election mood since the start of the new millennium and the political waters of the country have always been muddy.

Now is the time to unite and preach peace for we have one enemy, and after we are done with this enemy, then we can now agree to disagree again.