Instant Spike For Tino Katsande’s Egg Business

Radio and television personality, Tinopona Katsande has run out of stock following an overwhelming response to her budding egg business.

Katsande, who made waves on social media when internet users came all out in her defence after online gossip platforms sought to ridicule the former Studio 263 actress’ hustle, said she is now outsourcing eggs as her layers are failing to match the demand.

“In a space of 24 hours, I ran out of stock and have resorted to outsourcing in order to keep up with the demand,” a bustling Katsande told this publication while making deliveries today.

The mother of two, ages two and five, told 263Chat that she ventured into eggs business last year after COVID-19 affected her main source of income.

“COVID-19 hit my livelihood pretty hard and I had to improvise to keep my children up,” she said.

Katsande did not miss the opportunity to scoff at online platforms that sought to embarrass her by portraying an image that she has fallen from grace.

“It is sad that our media always seeks to bring people down, but thank goodness, I’m achieving the opposite of what those posts sought to achieve,” she said.

Meanwhile, #fambatinofamba is currently trending on Twitter as the social media community seeks to promote Katsande’s business.

Tinopona Katsande