Side Netting — EPL Match Day 5

You have to love the EPL, there was some really good games this weekend. UTD scrapped past Westham, Chelsea demolish Sp*rs, Liverpool and Salah keep doing their thing, City draw against Southampton and 1 — Nil to the Arsenal!!

The 🐐 and Ronaldo!!

Chelsea v Sp*rs: This was actually as really good game especially in the 1st half. The Sp*rs seemed to run out of steam and Chelsea took over. For me it was Kante coming into midfield (why is on the bench?), he totally bossed the midfield on his own and Sp*rs couldn’t deal. Kane doesn’t look like he wants to be there and it is getting more and more noticeable by the game. Son looked injured but take nothing away from Chelsea, they are just on another level. Even their center backs are scoring!! Lukaku tried so hard to get on the score sheet, mans really wanted a goal. Instead he kept passing the ball to Timo who is just so SHIT. I mean he has just become Fernando Torres 2.0. No confidence whatsoever. He was on goal at least 3 times and each time botched the decision. Can you imagine if he was still Chelsea’s number 9? I keep saying it, Chelsea just look like the real deal. So organized, so much depth and cutting edge. Who can take them out?

City v Southampton: Sooooo Pep, did the fans show up to support you? Judging by the result, guess NOT lol. Look I have consistently said one day this no striker thing will bite them in the ass. And so it did. At home you expect City to put 4 or 5 past teams, but to come up with a goose egg is rather surprising. Jesus just isn’t going to cut it. Neither is Ferran Torres. There is just too much competition around him for him not to have a striker. You have to feel that City should have had a plan B if they couldn’t get Kane. Sure they won it without a striker last season, but teams have levelled up. You can’t afford to slip up against the Southampton’s of this world. Chelsea, Liverpool and even UTD would have found a way to win that. Haa well maybe Pep will make another plea to the fans to fill the “Emptihad” Stadium.

1–0 to the Arsenal: Two wins in a row and Arsenal have reached the lofty heights of 13th on the table lol. Now I have people complaining that it was not a convincing win. To them I say “fuck y’all”. No one goes to Burnley and blows them out. For Arsenal, performances do not matter right now. RESULTS MATTER. Does not matter if we win because of an own goal, at this point Arsenal can’t be picky about how they get their wins. Winning breeds confidence, and the Gunners need lots of wins to get them out of the negative debt of confidence they have right now. Still, the Gunners looked ok, particularly at the back, it was going foward where they struggled. But we were bailed out by an amazing free kick from Oodegard. Still a lot to do with this team, but 2 wins in a row is great after a rather shitty start.

Westham v UTD: Moyes Moyes Moyes, this was your chance and your team capitulated. So I am going to say it. UTD were SHIT and lucky to win. If Westham had been more clinical that game would have been out of sight for UTD. But problem was Westham played well for 70 minutes then UTD picked it up. Enter J. Lingz to rescue UTD. Against the team that revived his career last season. Man’s didn’t even celebrate. I was expecting a milly rock or some shit. From what I have seen so far, UTD’s back line can be got at. McGuire and Varane, dont have that communication down yet, and McFred in front of them weren’t great either. Still the mark of a good team is playing shitty and still get the dub. And that’s exactly what they did. I actually expect to see this a lot from UTD. A lot of games they should lose but because of the quality they have they will dig out most games no matter how shitty they are.

Liverpool v Crystal Palace: You know what? This was not as cut and dry as the scoreline suggests. CP has been doing well, but they lack quality upfront. And well, Liverpool have an abundance of quality upfront. Mane, Salah doing the business and making Liverpool look good. CP gave as good as they got but when you a 10k/wk player lining up against a 250k/wk player, there is only going to be one winner. Liverpool keep pace and look good. Right now they may be the 2nd best team just behind Chelsea. They gotta keep that starting 11 fit though. Man, and what happens when Salah, Mane and Keita all go to the AFCON? This might be Liverpool’s undoing. That’s still a few months out though, so Liverpool need to keep winning.

Winners: UTD — You play that shit and get a dub, you can’t beat that feeling

Losers: City — Between plea’s for fans to support the team, no striker and no goals; it was just all L’s for City this weekend

Power Rankings:

  1. Chelsea: Still number 1, show its not all bout Lukaku with goals from some defenders
  2. Liverpool: Look good but with CL looming, how will they cope with midweek fixtures
  3. UTD: Ronaldo is still the man, always pops up with the goal. The difference for this mediocre manager.
  4. Brighton: WTF, like really, WTF. Brandon Rodgers took an L to these guys. They ain’t playing
  5. City: Great defence, great midfield, great wingers, NO STRIKER!! Shoulda gotten Rondon or Welbeck lol.
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