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Cheating Scandal Forces Pastor Shingie Munyeza’s Step Down

Popular cleric, businessman and political activist, Shingi Munyeza has stepped down from his pastoral duties after his infidelity issues were laid bare to the public yesterday. Munyeza, a pastor at Faith Ministries, was yesterday called out by his daughter, Nomsa for portraying ‘fake love’ to his wife on social when in actual fact he is […]

‘Zanu PF Youths’ Haunts Shingi Munyeza Out Of Private Gathering

Rowdy ‘Zanu PF youths’ today blocked Presidential Advisory Council member and fierce Government critic businessman Shingi Munyeza from speaking at a meeting where he was guest of honor. Munyeza who has of late been critical of President Mnangagwa’s administration was set to be guest of honour at the launch of the Zimbabwe Institute of Strategic […]

Stay In Your Lane, Mnangagwa Warns CSOs

President Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday sent a chilling warning to Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and pro-democracy leaders to stay in their lane. This comes at a time the country’s political situation is deteriorating as several CSO leaders have been arrested for being critical of the government while some of them have taken to the streets to […]

Church Urges Nation To Embrace ED Calls For Dialogue

Religious leaders have urged Zimbabweans to embrace President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s call for national dialogue saying the nation needs to set aside differences and put the economy and people first. Posting on Facebook following President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s call for dialogue upon return from his four-nation visit to Europe, Secretary General of the Zimbabwe Council of Churches […]

Shingi Munyeza Speaks on the importance of Entrepreneurship

Dr. Shingi Munyeza one of Zimbabwe’s renowned businessmen has spoken on the importance of imparting entrepreneurship skills to the young generation at early stages of learning. He says while it is equally important to send every child to school to get the best education, the world now demands a group of young entrepreneurs and innovators […]