‘We Are Failing to Breath Under Mnangagwa’

The MDCA youth league says living conditions under the President Emmerson Mnangagwa led government are beyond inhabitable as they are not fit for humans.

Zimbabwe has been going through a raft of socio-economic and political challenges in the last two years after Mnangagwa was elected in 2018. The economic hardships have seen a growing frustration from the citizens who are demanding better, a situation which has worsened the political spectrum.

In a statement, MDCA youth spokesperson Stephen Chuma castigated the continued detention of journalist Hopewell Chin’ono who was arrested with intent to incite public violence in the lead up to the foiled 31 July demonstration is a spat in the face of democracy.

“The continued illegal detention of our fellow comrades Godfrey Kurauone, Hopewell Chin’ono and Jacob Ngarivhume for merely speaking against corruption is a direct provocation we can not fathom,” wrote Chuma.

Transform Zimbabwe (TZ) leader, Jacob Ngarivhume who is the brains behind 31 July demonstration is yet to be granted bail, together with Godfrey Kurauone who is detained at Masvingo remand prison since his arrest last month.

Chuma said his party will not be silenced while innocent civilians are wallowing in poverty.

“It is very clear that by locking up those that question corruption, the regime is showing us a middle finger. In a country like ours with right thinking and normal citizens, this calls for a proper response,” he said.

“We cannot go on as if everything is normal whilst innocent souls are rotting in prison for exposing corruption,” he added.

Chuma is among several MDCA members who are in hiding after the police launched a manhunt for them in July. The outspoken youth leader went on to say that there should be a citizen on ‘real criminals’ who looted public funds.

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