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Buffalo Souljah Shattered In One Minute 40 Seconds

It only took one minute and 40 seconds for Ghanaian Dancehall maestro Shatta Wale to dismantle South Africa-based, Buffalo Souljah in the battle of Africa’s King of Dancehall.

In a beef ignited at the beginning of this month when Buffalo Souljah, born Thabani Ndlovu dismissed Wale’s claim as Africa’s King of Dancehall, the former was shattered to an extent that Zimbabweans could not, at least out of bias, stand in his corner over the track Rip Shatta Wale.

These are the diss tracks….

And these are some of the reactions by Zimbabweans online…

“Buffalo ndewedu but mmm apa akundwa hake.”       

“Shatta wale nailed buffalo ndaadzoke anetsane nanabazooker kwete izvi kana kuyimba sungura.”

“How can Buffalo start war with the Lion ? ShattaWale….vamwe vanhu vanotitangirawo hondo vacho havasi mhani ? last tym it was maWarriors nhasi Buffalo ? haaa.”

“I am a Zimbabwean but the only song i know from Bufallo is Rugare because of Winky. He is not even recognised muno medu. Shata wale all the way.”

“Same same nema worriors ndaisurporter ma worriors asi chokwadi ndaichiziva hangu. ?..saka ndogoti buffalo hangu.”

Meanwhile, the limping Buffalo Souljah has already started preparing for the second round.

“Before I drop Round 2 ‘Please can we all give a non-biased review go and listen to both Diss songs check the the lyrics and pass yo comment coz chatty mouth Dancehall dictator already proclaiming win judging from his own Delusional rating and brainwashed Stan’s ??️tag somebody non biased and smart links of the tracks are in our bios #kingofafricandancehallclash #Africandancehallkingclash,” he said.

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