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Timely Boost For KidzCan In The Fight Against Cancer


KidzCan Zimbabwe, a children’s cancer organization is set to benefit from an array of food stuffs and monitory donations handed over by various organizations at the Orange Week Launch.

Kidzcan is the only organization in Zimbabwe dedicated to increasing the survival rate of children with cancer.

Speaking to 263Chat, KidzCan founder, Andrea Whatman said the donations they received will go a long a way as their organization solely depends on donations in assisting children with cancer.

“KidzCan is basically funded by the public of Zimbabwe, we have very little overseas funding if any and usually its done by the diaspora, so what these cooperates have given to KidzCan will literally take a huge burden off us.

“We need to get it across that KidzCan is a small group of people, mostly volunteers with a small staff and we would not be able to do anything without the funding from the public or cooperate,” said Whatman.

The donations came from National Blood Services Zimbabwe (NBSZ), ZIMOCO and Pick and Pay

Pick and Pay Supermarket donated USD$5000 towards purchasing of blood and is also selling orange cupcakes and the proceeds will go towards KidzCan.

ZIMOCO donated USD$2000 and the NBSZ promised the organization access to blood anytime regardless of the challenges.

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Chief Executive Officer of NBSZ, Lucy Marowa said “As NBSZ we have always provided KidzCan with blood and blood products, because of scarcity of funds they suffer financial challenges so sometimes they are unable to pay for essentials such as blood,

“What we have done is make sure that they can access the blood on account and pay when funds are available, we also took an initiative to provide all our services at 50% of the normal price,

“We are also seeking for partnerships to provide platelets and pediatric packs to KidzCan at very low costs if possible for free,” Marowa said.

Officiating at the launch, United States of America, Ambassador to Zimbabwe Harry Thomas encouraged citizens to donate to KidzCan to help overcome cancer and raise awareness in communities.

“Our children are our most precious resource and its up to all of including our government to help children overcome cancer, people can donate at churches, concerts, salons and cinemas just a dollar, it will go a long way.

“Our assistance towards humanitarian needs annually in Zimbabwe is over USD$250 million dollars and this goes towards epidemics like Tuberculosis, HIV, Malaria and Cholera. We just had epidemiologists from Atlanta working with your doctors on the latest Cholera outbreak.

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“So we will remain committed to these humanitarian efforts,” added AmbassadorThomas


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