Chamisa Declares 2021 A Turning Point

MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa says the year 2021 is a turning point for the opposition outfit as they seeks to bring citizens together under what he says a new consensus that speaks with one voice.

In his address dubbed Zimbabwe Agenda 2021, the opposition leader said the party survived opposing forces in the form of the COVID-19 pandemic and other forces.

“2020 was a difficult year, but we survived adverse forces that we trained against us, itself strong testimony of the strength of the idea that we represent and the undying spirit of our people. In 2020, we faced crises from two sources: first, the crisis of the COVID19 pandemic.

“The second was the crisis of authoritarianism whereby the regime embarked on a relentless assault and onslaught upon democracy and our party. This assault involved the use of state machinery to subvert democracy and the will of the people. The oppressors engineered the expulsion of our democratically elected 2 representatives from Parliament and local authorities,” said Chamisa.

He said the people of Zimbabwe cannot be hoodwinked by those stripping the party’s assets and entitlements because they are educated.

“The oppressors believed by stripping us of our assets and entitlements under the law would dampen our spirits and break us down. This has not worked. Zimbabwean people are politically literate and advanced. They can distinguish between right and wrong. They know that some are being used by the oppressor as a scheme to derail the people’s struggle. While other governments were working hard to contain the pandemic, the Oppressors in Zimbabwe saw it as an opportunity to restrict political rights.

“They suspended by-elections indefinitely under the guise of fighting the pandemic. Therefore, while the Oppressors were allowing the removal of people’s representatives, they closed the channel for choosing their replacements. This deprived the people of the opportunity to reclaim and correct the injustice by ending the criminal abuse of office and blatant theft,” he said.

Chamisa said despite attacks on the MDC Alliance, they are survivors and winners and have also identified the strategy of their oppressors.

“Despite all these attacks on our party, we refuse to be cast as victims. Rather, we are survivors and winners, for when someone works so hard to destroy you and they fail, it is because you are a winner and you are strong. We are invincible! We have identified the strategy of the Oppressors is to create a controlled opposition, a government controlled opposition under their command politics.

“In 2021, we will consolidate our position as the movement that represents the dreams and aspirations of all progressive Zimbabweans. Oppressors have tried everything to decimate us, but we have remained solid, and we are humbled by the fact that your trust and confidence in us remains unshaken. We do not regard those who have left as losses, but as an important shedding off of elements that impede and slow down the democratic struggle.” said Chamisa.

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