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Chamisa Reinforces 100 Billion Economy Target by 2029

THE MDC Alliance presidential candidate, Nelson Chamisa has promised to deliver on his 100 billion dollar economy target by 2029 saying his incoming government’s economic vision is loaded with transformational policies hinged on accountability and transparency.

Addressing thousands of party supporters who braved the wet Sunday to attend the MDC Alliance rally in Masvingo, Chamisa said his government’s focus is to deliver the people of Zimbabwe from economic hardships they have been subjected to by the ZANU PF led government for the past 37 years.

“By 2023 Zimbabwe must be the jewel of Africa. By 2023 we must have a double digit economy with a 46 billion economy to meet the 100 billion economy target by 2029.”

Chamisa said his economic targets are very possible because Zimbabwe has at least 60 minerals that lie unexploited.

He said as an incoming leader, his government will be loaded with economic transformational policies hinged on accountability and transparency.

“We want a new dispensation, a fresh start with fresh policies which show that it’s a departure from the dispensation of the past which was led by Mugabe and Mnangagwa because we are now facing forward.

“Upon assuming power, we will scrap off bond notes and readopt multi-currency system; Rand, Pula, Pounds, US Dollar, for a while, while breathing life to our economy then we deal with productivity and foreign currency.

“We are reforming section 42 of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) Act then we remove the equal parity placed on the US dollar and bond note, there is nothing like that, let the market define,” said Chamisa.

“We will put a law that forbids the central bank to borrow from local banks, so that depositors money will not be raided by the state so that depositors safety is guaranteed and it can be withdrawn when they wish to,” added the youthful Presidential aspirant.

Meanwhile, Chamisa lashed into President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s latest anti-graft team placed under his office charging that it is not possible for the incumbent to cure corruption since he is also corrupt.

“Mosquito will not cure malaria.”

Chamisa said his government will thrive on openness in all its engagements particularly on issuing tenders where numerous problems have been reported.

“We want accountability in public tendering processes whereby only best and competent institutions should be awarded contracts not to be always given to big wigs in the government of the day,” said Chamisa.



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