Chamisa Assures Nation

Opposition party, Movement for Democratic Change, (MDC) leader Nelson Chamisa has assured the nation that he is on the verge on assuming power, replacing Zanu PF government which he said has failed the country.

Chamisa assured the people during his Hope of the nation (HONA) address in the capital that all the police brutality will end as soon as they take over the reigns to rule the country.

“The change is coming soon, all the police brutality will come to an end because when we get into government, we will no allow this to happen. It is just a matter of few months. I know lot of people will ask how are we going to do it but you should watch the space. Change is not far but near.

“We are saying we must have a genuine dialogue and if ED refused we will force him to do so,” said Chamisa.

The police banned MDC from holding their HONA address at Africa Unity Square. However, MDC insisted on addressing its supporters and moved the event to their headquarters.

The plan backfired as the police brutalized the supporters who had gathered to listen to Chamisa.

Party vice-president Tendai Biti castigated the police for brutalizing unarmed civilians.

“This is totally unacceptable, I am sure all the countries are watching this including SADC,” said Biti.

The lady in the picture was rushed to hospital after being beaten by the Police. Picture by Shorai Murwira/263Chat

A lot of people were left injured including the elderly who were going about their usual business in the CBD.

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