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Chasi Admits to Interference In Chivhayo Gwanda Project Saga


Energy minister, Fortune Chasi has admitted to interference in facilitating the dropping of fraud charges levelled against controversial businessman Wicknell Chivhayo by the power utility, ZESA.

Chivhayo was facing charges of abusing about USD$5 million released by the power utility towards construction of the Gwanda 100MW solar project.

Responding to his alleged involvement in the matter, Chasi said he did it to put an end to the dragging court cases that were stalling progress.
“I promised to respond to the various questions that many have asked regarding the decision government has taken on the future of the project.
“What are the options open to the country? Zesa lost twice in the High Court. They appealed to the Supreme Court. The appeal has been pending for a while. It does not have a set down date as yet. Can we afford the luxury of endless litigation in the light of a new financing plan?
“I know fully well that I will be vilified, at times by some who have no understanding of the matter. But it is ok. I hear the full responsibility for my decision and I understand the public concern. In my view, this is as it should be.
“Given the full circumstances of the matter, I formulated the view that there was no intention in the part of ZESA  to move forward or at all. This resolve, which is not backed by an analysis of the consequences of cancellation is not proper – especially when viewed against the court
“Should we completely ignore the fact that the experts like Utedzi have promised that within a period of 6 months they will deliver the initial 10 MW? Should we instead start a new process that will take no less than 18 months before work begins making it effectively seven years?
“Should we discount the fact that Mr Utedzi who is now consulting for Intratek, has world-class experience and has recently switched on a solar plant at Nyabira?” said Chasi.
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