Cheating Scandal Forces Pastor Shingie Munyeza’s Step Down

Popular cleric, businessman and political activist, Shingi Munyeza has stepped down from his pastoral duties after his infidelity issues were laid bare to the public yesterday.

Munyeza, a pastor at Faith Ministries, was yesterday called out by his daughter, Nomsa for portraying ‘fake love’ to his wife on social when in actual fact he is a cheating husband.

This came after the popular pastor took to social media sharing his 26th marriage anniversary message to his wife Wilma.

“Happy anniversary to my best friend, confidante, my love and mother to our only daughter. I want yo grow old with you, till death separates us. It’s been a great 26 years of growth, learning and joy. God has been great to us, for that I’m truly grateful.I love you always and forever,” Munyeza wrote.

But his daughter would not have any of it taking to the comment box to expose her father’s antics.

“You rather remove this post because you don’t cheat on a wife you love that is called being evil,” Nomsa responded.

The comment has since torched a storm on social media forcing the shamed religious leader to issue a statement stepping down from his duties.

“Greetings Brethren. Recently I allowed myself into a situation where I fell morally. I failed my wife and family, I failed the church that I’m part of. I therefore seek your forgiveness. I’m stepping down to introspect and be restored. I covet your prayers and support. God bless you all,” Munyeza said.

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