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Chief Chikwaka Exonerates Prophet T Freddy From Rape Charges

Chief Chikwaka on Wednesday said her niece who is ZBC presenter Rutendo Makuti failed to substantiate her rape claims against top preacher Prophet T Freddy when she reported the matter to the traditional leader.

Chief Chikwaka who was cross examined by the prophet’s defense counsel Chatambudza and Jivas Mudimu said Rutendo’s gave conflicting statements on the alleged rape case.

Chief Chikwaka gave conflicting statements saying Makuti reported the matter to her in November 2020 in the morning conflicting with his statement on a local online news website where he said she reported the issue on December 2020.

Quirred on whether why they did not report the matter to the police, Chikwaka said Makuti later told him that the two were in love.

“I called her asking if she had reported the matter to the police and she said no because they were already in love and it did not make any sense to me,” the traditional leader said.

Chief accepted that claims that Makuti was threatened was a lie as he highlighted in the interview that was played in court.

The Chief was however exposed of his extortation tendencies when he was asked why he forced the top cleric to ask for forgiveness to ZBC boss Albert Chekai and Rutendo.

The defense counsel quirred if the Chief was aware that the top cleric was not happy that Chekai and Makuti were inlove and that the presenter got the privilege to get company cars to go to Chiendambuya for personal business and the traditional leader said he could know about that because it between the two.

The defense counsel also quirred why the traditional leader could not urge her niece to report the matter to the police.

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