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Chinamasa Savages Biti Over Foreign Capital

Acting Zanu PF spokesperson Patrick Chinamasa took a swipe at MDC Alliance vice president Tendai Biti accusing him of writing letters to the international financial institutions instructing them to stop funding Zimbabwe.

Chinamasa made the remarks during a press conference at Zanu PF headquarters yesterday describing Biti as a puppet of the Americans.

Referring to Biti’s statements of August 2018 that the opposition will make sure government will not get foreign funding, Chinamasa admitted that the opposition succeeded because they were sent to do that.

“I can tell you this they have succeeded it is very clear, why they have succeeded is because they were sent to do that. They are merely doing bidding of those countries imposing sanctions,” he said

He said Biti does not have the power to stop the funding but the power is vested in those backing him.

“It’s not like he has the power to stop the money, but the power is with his handlers. The same Biti who is now purported vice president of the MDC Alliance recently lived to his promise to deny Zimbabwe any foreign capital by writing to capitals and World Bank for further sanctions.

“I have respect for his intellectual prowess, he is very clever but my disappointment is that he uses the money that educated him courtesy of Zanu PF to undermine the revolution, to be a puppet, sell-out and traitor to his own people. I often wonder how such an intelligent person cannot realise that he is being duped by his handlers. It’s a pity but there you are”

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Chinamasa accused the MDC Alliance vice president of writing to the Bretton Wood institution to deny the country the Covid-19 pandemic funding.

“He is doing the bidding for his masters and he is doing it well to the point where he wrote  a letter to the World Bank not to give us Covid related financing and resources and we have not received such resources” Chinamasa claimed.

Both Biti and Chinamasa are former Ministers of Finance with the former serving during the 2009 Government of National Unity where he succeeded Chinamasa.

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