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Chin’ono, Shadaya In Unlikely Stunner Savage Alliance

Social influencers, Hopewell Chin’ono and Shadaya Knight have formed an unlikely alliance to rip into embattled musician Desmond “Stunner” Chideme who is making headlines for smacking his wife at a public event over the weekend.

Reports allege that the singer’s wife, Dyonne Tafirenyika had refused to hand over her phone to Stunner as per request which infuriated the Godo hitmaker into slapping and forcibly removing her artificial nails.

The altercation took place during The Dope Party event which took place at Rainbow Towers in the capital, Harare.

The matter is currently in the courts presided over by Harare magistrate Evelyn Mushavakure. Stunner is facing domestic violence  charges.

Weighing in on this talk of the town, popular journalist, Chin’ono expressed that the soon to be 42 year old is past any room or chance for change and is likely to die the same person he portrayed over the weekend.

“Girl Child. If he is a drunk now, he will always be a drunk. If he beats you up now, he will always beat you up. Don’t think you can change a man when he marries you, you won’t. A man has potential when he is 25, at 30 you must start seeing that potential, at 35 he should be somewhere. At 40 he is now old and has probably lived half of his life. What you see when dating him, that is what you will get when you are his wife. Never move in with a man who lives with his parents, that is the height of irresponsibility! Happy Thursday!” wrote Chin’ono on social media.

While self proclaimed anti feminist, Shadaya, on the other hand, had a lengthy analysis of the situation to share writing;

THE 40 YEAR OLD SAGA As if the recent embarrassing videos aren’t enough, the 40yr old teenager once again is trending for the wrong reasons. This time for allegedly GBV, most probably as a result or suspicions of infidelity. But there’s need to analyze both characters & factors that have led to this point in time whereby it’s now in the court of law. 1st analysis will be on the TEENAGER then the SK#NK 

LOSS OF RESPECT: if no one respects you how then do you expect your woman to respect you. And here is the thing about respect, it requires credibility Other men should fear you & also admire you whilst other women should desire you. Which is no longer the case for the t€enager, daily his roasted online by everyone for his tomfoolery & the women are no longer that much attracted to him (women with taste to be specific) Once a woman no longer respects you, her attraction towards you starts decreasing leading her to eventually cheating on you. The fact that he was fuming over access to his woman’s phone says it all, she’s playing games. IMMATURITY: it should be known, your woman’s behavior is a mirror of yours. If you behave like a child then you shouldn’t expect any less from her. Countless times this guy has been exposing his !mbecility to the whole world. How then does he expect his woman to act differently The woman really has no one to look up to, if she was flirting on that phone, would you blame her, she’s actually looking for a man, after all she’s with this man-baby. And you can see it on that video, tantrums are for kids, that is a man who has no control on his emotions

IRRELEVANT: let us be honest with ourselves, imagine this, you used to be one of the biggest artists in your country but a decade later you find yourself curtain raising a show, when there’s King98 on the list, that would just get you in your feelings. Then only to find out that very same night your woman is up to some shenanigans, that would just let you explod€. The guy needs to deal with his BLEW UP THEN BACK TO UPCOMING ARTIST AGAIN trauma. He is still in denial that he is washed up, a spent force & focus on other things

Now let us look at the SK£NK

IT GIRL: it has been preached countless times, IT GIRLS are for the streets never for the home. These are high maintenance chicks, they’re for the short time, not for the long time. Simply put, they’re LIABILITIES. At the time our te3nager started dating this woman, he was financially stable (Jojo Tanks’ money), a decade later the guy is broke, he’s even doing shows for $20 a whole night. He can no longer support this IT GIRL, her demands far outweigh what he is making/earning. They’re rumours that there’s a huge debt of their little kid in prexul in unpaid fees. Surely, you can tell for an IT GIRL the shame amongst her other fake wannabe girlfriends it’s too much, she’s bound to start trifling. Deep rooted in materialism, she’s a creature of comfort She’ll do anything to get that comfy life, even if that means crossing her matrimonial boundaries.

SHE’S A PLAYER: once a player always a player. Honestly why is he in his feelings over the thought that she may be cheating when he got her the same way… If she cheated with you then you’re guaranteed 99.9% that at some point she will cheat on you too. A leopard never changes it’s spots. She enjoys the game, coupled with the fact that she’s still in her prime years, that’s a no brainer, she will cheat. You can tell just from her social media (all the thirst traps) that she still craves the attention of other men. She is getting attention from all kinds of men, even men above the te3nager’s tax bracket, the so called big boys offering her shit beyond her wildest dreams…

VENGEFUL: if you were very analytical you could tell that it was only a matter of time before this woman would humiliate the te3nager as she’s always been treated like an afterthought. She’s always come 2nd to Jojo Tank be it to the te3nager or social media…A woman that beautiful can never stomach being an after thought, so she’ll create some drama to get the spotlight on her. Know this, attention is like a drug to these women, it gives them the highest of highs. Like an addict she’ll do anything to get that high. And here you go, drama at the biggest music fest & today she’s the topic on every celeb gossip page. Mission accomplished, she’s got her revenge, even if it’s at the unnecessary attention on her marriage. Can you blame her, Jojo Tank still has shares on that marriage as well.

TO CONCLUDE – honestly these 2 deserve each other, they’re both childish individuals. These are 2 adults who are very unstable & can’t function without drama in their life, if anything I think they’re both enjoying all this attention

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