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Chiyangwa Accused Of Fabricating Charges Against Kamambo

Former Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA) chairman Philip Chiyangwa stands accused of fabricating statements that resulted in the arrest of the current boss Felton Kamambo, the court heard.

Robert Matoka, who stood as the witness said that the arrest of Kamambo was planned by Chiyangwa after he lost his bid to get a second term at Number 53 Livingstone Avenue, Harare.

Matoka confirmed that one of two statements before the court was written in Chiyangwa’s office while the other one was already in place when he was called by the police to sign it.

“As an accomplice witness, I know I am supposed to be recorded a warned and cautioned statement but that was never done because when the statements were recorded I was under duress,” Matoka told the court.

However, this did not go well with prosecutor, Michael Reza who applied that the witness be declared hostile arguing that he was departing from the initial statements before the court.

Matoka insisted that he signed the statements under duress further accusing Chiyangwa of taking advantage of what was happening between him and Kamambo to use him.

“Chiyangwa had something to do with statements, he took the opportunity of what was happening between me and the accused and he caused the first statement to be recorded in his office. On the second one the police called me and at the time I arrived and the statement was already recorded and they threatened to arrest me,” said Matonga.

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