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Dhuterere, Wife Respond To Social Media Criticism

Despite heavy criticism and massive trolls on social media over his strong stance against infidelity in society, man of the moment Mambo Dhuterere has proved his strong religious inclination after calmly responding without hitting back at his critics.

Dhuterere stirred a hornets’ nest over the weekend when he blasted married men involved in extra-marital affairs bluntly assuring hell and fire to all those who have started to see the practice as a norm.

His tirade did not sit well with a section of social media users who, ached by the rebuke, started trolling the singer’s wife.

In response, Dhuterere shared a photo together with his wife which he captioned, “We love you all and thank you for your support. May God bless you.”

Dhuterere had however found support in top comedienne Mai Titi who applauded his bold sentiments.

“So after Mambo Dhuterere posted his words of wisdom some people started criticizing and looking for faults. Honestly, there was nothing wrong in him telling us not to promote promiscuity. If men didn’t cheat even HIV would not be reigning like this. We wouldn’t be suffering as women with STIs STDs all these stupid diseases which could be easily avoided.” said Mai Titi

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