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Ken Sharpe’s Aide Contradicts Self In Court

Controversial businessman Kenneth Raydon Sharpe’s former aide Michael John Van Blerk has contradicted his earlier assertions that he was not aware of the existence of an addendum in the joint venture agreement entered between his boss and property developer George Katsimberis.

Van Blerk said this, during cross examination in Katsimberis’ alleged fraud case in which the latter is accused of furnishing Pokugara Properties with unapproved architectural plans.

In the previous sitting, Katsimberis through his lawyer Advocate Tawanda Kanengoni had before Magistrate Wongai Guwuriro Muchuchuti objected to the tendering of a joint venture agreement signed between the two businessmen without an addendum citing that it will curtail his client’s defence.

On the day, Van Blerk told the court that he was not aware of the addendum as he only appended his signature as a witness.

Kanengoni reminded Van Blerk that the joint venture agreement submitted before Muchuchuti was only admitted as an exhibit because he had told the court that he was not aware of the addendum.

“I am aware of the addendum but I have nothing to do with the parties. I witnessed the signatures thereof. I am no part the terms. I did not say that, I said to the prosecutor that I had nothing to do with the addendum. I have no input into the agreement, the terms and whatsoever,” said Van Blerk.

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Katsimberis is embroiled in a long running legal battle with the controversial Sharpe over a botched joint venture deal for the construction of cluster houses in Borrowdale.

Allegations are that Katsimberis constructed a show house without approved architectural plans despite evidence that the plans were approved at City of Harare’s Cleveland house where all payments were effected and receipted.

Following the destruction of the show house Katsimberis reported Sharpe’s company Pokugara Properties and City of Harare officials for perjury and malicious damage to property and is a witness.  Two months later Pokugara reported him for fraud under the same set of facts.

Trial continues on May 5 with Kanengoni cross examining Van Blerk who said is now acting on a consultancy role for Pokugara properties.

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