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Mai Titi Offers US$2000 For Ghost Account Busters

Popular comedienne Mai Titi, real name Felistas Murata, is offering US$2000 to persons who can identify faces behind social media ghost accounts.

This comes after the entertainer was dragged on social media over a fake post in her name that suggested she trashed Nelson Chamisa’s recently launched party, Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC).

Responding to the backlash, Mai Titi dismissed the allegations and denied any political affiliations. She further offered to interview those with ghost account busting skills for a US$2000 price.

“I had someone who used to tell us real names of Ghosts and their IT s but unfortunately, he moved to another location and I lost contact. I’m willing to pay $2000 cash to anyone who has access in revealing ghosts accounts there are a list of Ghosts accounts I need to tress and really sue because they are really messing me up it’s not something you can ignore otherwise you end up being killed with these fake stories.
“You come to my house with your expertise and if you show me the name behind the Ghost I will definitely pay you.
The way this bitterness is going someone might get killed for nothing. Let’s reveal some true colors behind the Ghosts and allow law to deal with these people,” she wrote on Facebook.
Meanwhile, Mai Titi is currently celebrating an early year win following the launch of her courier company.


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