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Mai Titi’s Court Victory Celebration Ends Prematurely

United Kingdom-based socialite Olinda Chapel has vowed to re-file her court application against controversial comedienne Mai Titi for defamation and cyber bullying after her initial application was removed from the roll by Harare Civil Court Magistrate Sharon Mashavire citing improper drafting.

The court threw out the application stating that Chapel’s purported affidavit was not properly authenticated among other reasons.

Notifying her fans on social media, Mai Titi wrote;

Hey fam I know you are worried about me hey I’m ok.We all go through a lot and we all fight our demons but I’m ok Anyway Update on Olinda Chapel’s Court Case.

The Court has removed the case from the roll. As you may have read from social media and press that my lawyer attacked her case on two grounds;

1. That her purported affidavit was not properly authenticated.

2. That the attachments she used were not in the official Court language.

And also the fact that she attacked me first.

The Court agreed and removed the matter from the roll with costs.

Olinda is within her rights to approach the Courts. We are all Zimbabweans and protected in terms of the law. I also reserve my rights to approach the Court in the near future for an appropriate order should the need arise.

In simple terms we have won for now we await for her next attack . Do advise me when she makes a live about me mentioning my name.


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But Chapel was quick cut Mai Titi’s brief victory celebrations with news that she will be making another application.

“…..you didn’t win anything. The judge removed the case from the roll and asked us to provide clearer documents. Which we are doing now and case continues(sic)” she said.

The drama started when Chapel rebuked Mai Titi for blowing an opportunity to “uplift and empower women” when she met Media and Information Minister Monica Mutsvangwa.

In that meeting, Mai Titi had reported socialite Evidence Chihera to Mutsvangwa for their social media misunderstanding, something many on social media users condemned.

However, despite public condemnation, Mai Titi chose to attack Olinda for her views on the matter in a video that prompted legal action.

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