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MDC-T’s Big Brother Mentality Stalling Coalition


I just don’t get this. The MDC-T seems to want Zanu PF to win 2018. It appears that the message to other opposition parties is –We don’t need you, you need us more so we will set conditions and call the shots.

By Vincent Musewe

Now when you start any partnership on that basis it’s difficult to be motivated. I think the MDC-T has already chosen who they will work with and who they won’t work with. Now in a fight against Zanu PF you need all hands on deck and yet I suspect there are those in the MDC-T hierarchy who fear being displaced from positions in the event a coalition works.

This is such a pity but I think they actually want to create dissonance so that they stay in control. If a grand coalition fails it will not be for lack of trying but a deliberate intent by MDC-T leadership to make it not work. Reading some of their conditions for a coalition reflects to me a clear lack of foresight. What we need to start with is the question – what is best for Zimbabwe and what is the best national inclusive team for Zimbabwe going forward. Then you ensure these people are voted in. You don’t start by saying we want to keep our 2008 constituencies!! On what basis given their failure at local govt for example and given that all talent to move forward does not only reside within that party. That is a Zanu PF mentality. God help us!

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