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“Mnangagwa Is A Joke, Not Serious About Zimbabwe”

The United African National Council (UANC) leader Gwinyai Muzorewa has lashed out at President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s alleged lack of seriousness in solving corruption cases, especially in the police force.

Since his first inauguration in November 2017, Mnangagwa has been calling for an end to corruption, especially in public service entities.

At one time, he released a list of alleged corrupt individuals who were accused to have deposited large sums of foreign currency in offshore accounts while sabotaging the economy.

However, the steam seems to be off from Mnangagwa’s government as all the promises made prior to the elections have not been met.

In an exclusive with 263Chat recently, the United States based Muzorewa believes the President is not sincere in dealing with corruption which he says has been biting the economy.

“It is interesting that Mr Mnangagwa is even surprised by the high levels of corruption within the police force. He is even surprised that there is corruption in the judicial system. Is he serious? Why is he surprised that there is corruption everywhere.

“I think there are jokes in this country and he is leading that joke. Corruption is a summary of our problems, there is still corruption in Zimbabwe despite all talk about ending corruption by Mnangagwa” said Muzorewa.

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In his election manifesto, Mnangagwa promised to decisively deal with corruption by “initiating a broad-based campaign on the importance of upholding sound ethical standards across all sectors.”

However, this has not been followed up by any action as several corruption cases involving former cabinet ministers and senior government officials have gone up in smoke with no conclusion.

Asked what he thinks the Mnangagwa administration has done well, Muzorewa said besides lessening police roadblock on the highways, the President has not done anything meaningful.

Muzorewa scoffed at the recent appointment of Justice Loice Matanda-Moyo, wife to Foreign Affairs Minister Sibusiso Moyo, as the Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission (ZACC) as a sick joke

“As much as Mr Mnangagwa talks about corruption, it’s not working and people know more than that. He recently commissioned a lady for the anti-corruption commission, that’s a joke, it means nothing.

“If people know that there is corruption at the top, they will continue being corrupt,” he said.

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