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Mthuli Ncube In Hot Soup, As Lumumba is Sacked

The government has dismissed Finance and Economic Development Minister Professor Mthuli Ncube’s Communications Taskforce chairperson, William Mutumanje popularly known as Acie Lumumba amid indications that his appointment had ruffled feathers in key state corners where corruption reigns supreme.

Following his appointment on Friday last week, Lumumba exposed the rot at the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe where he alleged senior officials were at the centre of the illegal foreign currency mess that has caused a sharp rise in prices of basic commodities.

According to Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Professor Ncube’s appointed Communications Taskforce had not followed due processed as dictated in the procurement policy.

“Mistakes were made but advice from govt lawyers indicate there are legal housekeeping issues regarding the Procurement Act Cap 22:14 which need to be regularized and the Ministry of Finance is dealing with that,” Information ministry said last night.

“Minister of Finance, Hon @MthuliNcube would like to inform the public that he doesn’t have a spokesperson outside institutions of govt. Regarding the “Communications Taskforce”, he is yet to operationalise it as he is dealing with requirements of PRAZ and Civil Service Commission.”

Lumumba’s appointment opened a can of worms as RBZ directors fingered in the alleged crimes were later suspended to pave way for investigations.

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After learning of his fate late evening, Lumumba further alleged that the ministry of information was captured though he did not reveal the source behind the capture.

“Many senior gvt officials spent their day making calls and sending orders for and on behalf of Queen B, lots of money paid.The capture goes high! One Ministry(except it’s Minister) is so captured the only thing it updated the country on today was ME. Do your job, let me do mine!”

In his Facebook video Sunday night, Lumumba exonerated President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Central Bank boss Dr John Mangudya saying he does not believe they are part and parcel of corruption which to him reign supreme at RBZ.

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