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NetOne’s Launches Hourly Bundle Service

Mobile network operator, NetOne has introduced a new 1000 megabytes data and 25 short message service bundle valid for one hour in a move meant to ease the high cost of data for its customers.

In a statement, the company said the bundle dubbed, “AmaSixty60 Bundle” is tailor-made for short time users of data such as students when they conduct research at a much lower cost.

“NetOne the country’s leading telecommunications giant has recently introduced the” which gives subscribers a whooping 1000mb and 25 sms messages to NetOne subscribers, valid for 60 minutes from time of purchase, for only 10RTGS dollars. The new bundle is a welcome feat for subscribers and allows them to maximise value on the 10RTGS dollars,” said the statement.

The development comes at a time the hyper inflationary environment prevailing in the country has seriously weakened consumer spending on various telecoms products such as data, SMS and voice calls.

“The ‘Hourly bundle’ affectionately known as the ‘AmaSixty60 Bundle’ is a service we have introduced on our platforms, that is the *171# menu and the OneMoney platform under bundle purchases, to empower our customers with accessibility the internet. It is our desire that subscribers derive value at affordable prices at all times through their Network of Choice, the One the Only, NetOne.” NetOne Public Relations Executive Eldrette Shereni said.

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NetOne recently extended its “Zero-Tariff Promotion” on mobile transactions via its OneMoney platform to the 31st of March 2020 and the “Back2School Promotion” on their mobile financial service platform OneMoney

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