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Patrick “Chimpa” Mutenha Nabbed For Fraud, Vehicle Theft, Extortion

Patrick “Chimpa” Mutenha Nabbed

The Criminal Investigation Department’s Vehicle Theft Squad (VTS) and serious crimes unit have apprehended Patrick Mutenha, also known as Chimpa, for his alleged involvement in fraud, extortion, and unauthorized sale of client vehicles.

Mutenha had been evading arrest since last Friday following reports of three cases of fraud, extortion, and vehicle theft against him.

However, the CID VTS crack team successfully closed in on him this morning at Arundel Village, where he was reportedly in the process of defrauding another client.

According to authorities, Mutenha’s modus operandi involved deceiving unsuspecting clients and subsequently selling their vehicles without their consent.

Moreover, he allegedly resorted to threats, invoking the names of prominent individuals, including members of the First Family such as Emmerson Jnr Mnangagwa, Sean and Collins, and notable figure Scott Sakupwanya.

The arrest marks a significant milestone in the investigation into Mutenha’s illicit activities, which have reportedly caused financial and emotional distress to numerous victims. By preying on the trust of his clients and resorting to intimidation tactics, Mutenha has allegedly exploited vulnerable individuals for personal gain.

Speaking on the matter, a spokesperson for the CID VTS emphasized the gravity of the charges against Mutenha and reaffirmed the department’s commitment to ensuring justice for the victims.

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They urged members of the public who may have fallen victim to similar schemes to come forward and assist with ongoing investigations.

Meanwhile, Mutenha is currently in police custody pending further legal proceedings.

Authorities are urging individuals who may have had dealings with Mutenha or have information relevant to the case to come forward and cooperate with law enforcement agencies.

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