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Pokugara Properties Malicious Damage to Property Trial Postponed

The trial of Pokugara Properties, a land developing company and their alleged accomplices on a malicious damage to property charge was postponed to next week after the State requested a company resolution on the company’s representative.

Michael Van Blerk initially represented the Pokugara Properties, however, trial has been stalled due to Van Blerk’s illness forcing the State to seek separation of trial.

The State represented by prosecutor Zivanai Macharaga from the Special Anti-Corruption Unit alleges that sometime between July 2018 and October 2018, at lot 9 of 21 on consolidated number 19559 of 19828 on Harare Township corner Teviotdale and Whitwell in Borrowdale, Mandla Marlone Ndebele, Hosiah Chisango, Isiah Zvenyika Chawatama, Samuel Nyabezi, Lasten Taonezvi and Ken Sharpe who is still at large destroyed a show house constructed by Harare business George Katsimberis without a court order.

The accused allegedly acted in common purpose and demolished Katsimberis’ show house which had an approved plan without advising the complainant.

Van Blerk, Ndebele and Sharpe are also in trouble for failing or refusing to disclose that the stand in question was built with approved plans and for failing to caution Katsimberis of the demolition.

The state was represented by Zivanai Macharaga while Pokugara Properties and Van Blerk are represented by Advocate Tawanda Zhuwarara with the City of Harare represented by Charles Kwaramba.

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The matter was postponed to September 29, 2021 with defence counsel committing to providing the resolution.

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