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Pokugara Properties Trial Prosecutor In Perjury Storm

Land developer Georgios Katsimberis says state prosecutor Tafara Chirambira perjured himself in the ongoing trial of land developer George Katsimberis and businessman Kenneth Raydon Sharpe’s Pokugara Properties after he deposed an affidavit to the effect that Katsimberis had counter reported Pokugara to the police.

Katsimberis is accused of furnishing Pokugara properties with unapproved architectural plans for a show house he had constructed in a botched joint venture agreement with Sharpe.

Following the destruction of the show house, Katsimberis reported both Pokugara properties, City of Harare and their employees for malicious damage to property and perjury after deposing affidavits that he had no approved plans despite evidence that the plans had been approved.

Katsimberis now stands as an accused and a witness under the same set of facts despite having reported to the police first and later sought referral of the matter to the Constitutional Court, an application which was dismissed by Harare Magistrate Letwin Rwodzi.

In an answering affidavit filed before the High Court in which he is seeking a review of Rwodzi’s judgement, Katsimberis accuses Chirambira of dishonest when he said Pokugara properties were the first to report.

“I reported the case for perjury first long before Pokugara made their complaint. Tafara Chirambira perjures himself when he makes the point that Pokugara Properties were the first to report the Applicant to the police.  I made a report to the Zimbabwe Republic Police on the 12th of April 2019.

“Michael Van Blerk and Pokugara Properties were formally charged on the 12. June of 2019. Their warned and cautioned statements were recorded on the 12th of June 2019. Michael Van Blerk and Pokugara Properties were arraigned before this court in June of 2019. I was only summoned to appear in court on the 28th of July 2020 months after I had made reports,” said Katsimberis

He added “It is not sufficient for Tafara Chirambira to allege without straight evidence that Pokugara reported first and then two months after the Applicant made his report first. A diligent prosecutor would have produced the police diaries for both matters.

“A diligent prosecutor would have recorded and produced affidavits by the investigating officers in both matters. This has not been done. Once mane this proves, how subjective the State is in this matter and more importantly how Michael Reza and Tafara Chirambira should be disqualified from prosecuting this matter and any matter involving the master and principle, Kenneth Raydon Sharpe, Augur Investments OU, Tatiana Aleshina and the myriad of their shelve companies that include West Properties and others.”

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