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Sex For Ginimbi Is A Hobby, Says Wicknell

Self knighted controversial businessmen, Wicknell Chivayo has weighed in on fellow flamboyant businessman Ginimbi and radio personality V-Candy relationship saying the two are just having some casual sex.

Commenting on Instagram Chivayo highlighted that from the way knows Ginimbi, the duo cannot be dating.

“In my view knowing Genius to be a businessman and Mrs V Candy being a prominent DJ I really don’t think they are dating at all,” he said.

Chivayo added that what cannot be dismissed is the involvement of the two in bed.

“However it can only be obvious that they are most probably having sex maybe just five or six times a week which really doesn’t mean anything to two big names in the entertainment industry,” he wrote before sharing his two-cents on the type of lifestyle people like Ginimbi have saying, “To guys like Ginimbi sex is a hobby just like sport (playing tennis , soccer etc.).”

Reached for comment, Ginimbi said, “I don’t care what he thinks, he was speaking his mind. Social media was made for people to air their personal thoughts which is what he did.”

Meanwhile, in an interview with a local newspaper V-Candy denied any involvement with the businessman.

She said; “I am not dating Ginimbi, being at Ginimbi’s mansion does not mean I am now dating or sleeping with him like other people have commented on my social media platforms. I actually go to his place to shoot for a TV production we are working on, so I have been to his place several times to shoot different episodes.”

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