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Vimbai Zimuto Reminisces Days With Mtukudzi’s Black Spirits, Defends Daisy

A well trimmed, melanin and curvy nude female figure is the first thought that comes to mind when the name Vimbai Zimuto is mentioned.

Like the American queen of pop, Madonna, who is still regarded as one of the most controversial artists of all time, for her role in bringing nudity and sex on the screen in the early 1980s, Zimuto is also moving to undo the taboo of nudity in Zimbabwe.

Not known for any musical prowess as most musicians are remembered for, Zimuto’s highway into the limelight is through bold nude moves.

In 2017 she left tongues wagging with highly sensual visuals of her single titled Hapana Kwaunoenda. Thanks to sexually provocative scenes, the song found its way into public domain. Had it been the days of audio cassettes and records, the singer would still be ducking in oblivion far from attention.

As if that was not enough, Zimuto was back again a few weeks back with nude pictures which catapulted her back on top of showbiz news, sparking debate on what is right from wrong.

Following her return to the country from her Netherlands base, 263Chat entertainment reporter, Lemuel Chekai (LC) caught up with Vimbai Zimuto (VZ) for an exclusive interview.

Below are some excerpts from the interview:

LC: Being a mother as you are, how have you managed to make your kids understand that nude photos are part of your job description as an artist.

VZ: So, I have two daughters, one is 15 years old and the other eight years old. The younger one is still far from being on social media, she will only start interacting on social media when she turns 16, I have made sure of that.

The older one still has a year left to get my permission for social media. She has, however, seen my nude pictures and understood that its art. She is also an art student which made it easy for her to appreciate my art.

LC: There are many forms of art, why did you choose nudity as a way of expressing your art of all other forms.

VZ: It is because I feel that emotions are best expressed when naked. The best way to express love, joy or anger is when naked hence my choice.

LC: You have worked with the late Dr. Oliver Mtukudzi as his backing vocalist, how best can you explain your working relationship with him.

VZ: Haaa mdhara vanga vari mdhara, he made us feel like we were a family. He was a unifier in all respects. Unlike these modern artists who elevate themselves above the rest of the band, Tuku would come down to our level.

When going on tour, he would make sure his entire band sleeps where he slept. If it was a five-star hotel treat for him it would be five-star for us all, two-star hotel for us and him too.

LC: How long did you work with Tuku and during the period did you have an encounter with his wife Daisy? If yes, how would you best describe her?

VZ: I worked with Tuku for three years and left in 2010. We would go on tours with his wife and yes! we interacted a lot.

From my understanding of her, she is a good soul. It is sad that she is being demonized over one-sided stories, no one has sat down with her to get her side of the story. Contrary to reports, Daisy’s presence on almost every Tuku’s tour was a result of a lot of medication that he often forgot to take.That is why Tuku always carried a sling bag with him, it carried his medication.

She did not impose herself on tours neither did she facilitate the firing of band members.

In the midst of her talk, Zimuto bumps into raunchy dancer Beverly “Bev” Sibanda’s picture where the latter looks transformed, appearing lighter in complexion to signal signs of bleaching and says:

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You see why I post nude pictures of myself? They give self-awareness to women failing to embrace their true selves, she said before shifting attention back to our interview

LC: Are you married?

VZ: I do not really like sharing my personal life but let me just give you a little about me. I am a single mother who is currently in a stable relationship.

Zimuto will be on stage this weekend as a supporting act for Dereck Mpofu’s Godobori album launch in Harare.


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