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Triple Album Launch On The Cards


Three rising gospel musicians are set to launch their debut albums at once, this Friday at Marriage Centre building- something that has never happened in the history of Zimbabwean music.

By Mukundi Masinire

Nkosie Mhlanga, a Zimbabwe College of Music graduate, Blessmore Chiwere who is affectionately known as Afro Hymns and Terrence Lewis who is a vocal director of two gospel groups will be launching their 8 track albums called All Possible with God, New Season, and Take my Heart.

“We decided as friends to launch our albums on the same day, the 4th of August, since we recorded at the same studio, Insound Studios, with the same producer, Tawanda Midzi.

“Woshiper Elliot Makuyana will be the guest artist on the launch” said Terrence Lewis.

But how are these three going to manage it considering an album launch for one artist  may be very stressing as it involves a lot of things like the auctioning of CDs, the performances, the speeches, from guests, interviews, to mention just a few, which require diligence and hard work.

“Well it’s something that hasn’t been done before but we have figured a way to manage it.

“We have divided our performances into three and each segment is for each artist to showcase what they have to the audience and be interviewed so that people will know much about them.

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“The three albums will be launched at once by the guest of honor,” said Nkosie.

Ian Gwenya, the executive producer of Insound Studios says the triple album launch is also a way of drawing attention to the public.

“We realized it’s futile to record albums and release them silently to the public; it doesn’t really do justice to our good productions, hence this triple album launch.

“As Insound Studios we have now made it a policy to encourage and assist our artists to launch their albums.

“We make sure that they do so in the presents of journalists, radio personalities, influential people and public- knowing that this will help them have more millage,” he said.

Tawanda Midzi, the producer of the three albums says preparations for the launch are now at an advanced stage, calling upon people from all walks of life to attend.

“I’m calling upon people from all walks of life to come and join us this Friday as we share with everyone what we have been making in the studio.

“The program starts at exactly 4pm and the admission is free.

“I want to assure everyone that they will not be disappointed. These three musicians are taking gospel music to other level,” he said.

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Songs to look up to on the three albums include Hupenyu Hupunduke and Ini Ndigere by Blessmore; Thembalami and Kuzolunga by Terrence; NaJesu Zvinoita and Dwala lami by Nkosie.

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