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Government Identifies ZIMASSET Champions


Ministry of Rural Development Promotion and Preservation of National Culture and Heritage has identified what they called ‘ZimAsset champions’ tasked with helping in the monitoring and evaluation of rural development programs.

In a telephone interview with 263Chat, Ranson Madzamba, the Ministry’s Public Relation Officer said ZimAsset projects are going unnoticed hence the decision to identify champions who will be tasked to explain misconceptions of the blueprint while exploring yields of the policy to rural folks.

‘We toured all provinces of the country selecting what we call ZimAsset champions made up of Provincial Administrators, District Administrators, rural local authorities Chief Executive Officers, traditional leaders, Councilors and the village ward leadership,” said Madzamba.

He added that the identified champions will help in monitoring and evaluating rural development programs.

“ZimAsset is sometimes going unnoticed and the champions will help in explaining the misconceptions of the blueprint document and exploring the yields of the policy of the rural folks,” said Madzamba.

According to Madzamba, their recent tour of all provinces was to educate people on best communication methods how citizens can be part and parcel of ZimAsset by empowering themselves.

“We were engaging them on how best to communicate the successes and failures of ZimAsset and how to engage to be part and parcel of this economic blueprint.

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“We were also focusing on projects and programs that are empowering the live hoods of ordinary individuals in rural areas and we were also giving them information for example when they are doing cattle ranching or any other economic activity, they must sit down as a society and make it a way that they come up with something that is beneficial to them as a society and individuals and empower the community as well as the nation at large,”he said.

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