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ZimSwitch Introduces Query And Dispute Management System

Zimbabwe’s third party transaction platform and electronic payments switching hub, ZimSwitch has advanced its electronic-banking platform through the introduction of a Zimswitch Query and Dispute Management System (ZQDMS).

The new system has been launched to offer quick and efficient query resolution for customers and is expected to advance the vibrancy of Zimbabwe’s digital banking sector through the provision of reliable services to the transacting community.

Speaking with 263Chat over the phone, Mr. Saul Chin’anga a certified electronic banking specialist, who is also a member of the Electronic Payments Association of Zimbabwe (EPAZ), said ZimSwitch’s move to introduce the query and dispute management system was welcome achievement which is set to transform the local bank sector as far as service delivery is concerned.

“The platform is a brilliant solution which will improve customer experience in terms of resolution of queries in real time. As you are aware, many customers have been crying foul on how banks have been handling failed transaction queries which come from retail Point of Sale machines and other outlets. These failed transaction which results in customer accounts debited but without proof of transaction success on the point of sale, have been cumbersome queries to resolve between banks hence delaying the customer” explained Mr. Chin’anga.

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“So the introduction of the ZQDMS by Zimswitch is set to expedite how customer queries are handled by banks within a short and stipulated time frame. Usually, it used to take two weeks to almost a month to resolve these failed transaction, resulting in serious inconveniences for the customer. However, with the new Zimswitch query and dispute management system in place, handling customer complaints is expected to be cleared within 48 hours hence ushering in speedy customer service and convenience”

Saul Chinánga further added that electronic banking queries must have standard time frames to resolve so that the transacting public is not disadvantaged by banking system failures.

Giving an example of other renowned international e-banking system service providers like Visa and MasterCard, Chinánga said these platforms have regulated time frames to clear customer queries within 24 to 48 hours to give the customer convenience during transactions.

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