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Dialogue Yes, No To GNU: Chamisa

MDC President Nelson Chamisa has fired back at Zanu PF and President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s remarks that the opposition is desperate for dialogue saying arrogance will not benefit the country.

Writing on Twitter today, Chamisa said his party’s openness for dialogue is intended to bail out the  people of Zimbabwe from the dire economic conditions.

“The secret to a great nation is vision, love and humility by its leadership. Arrogance is always ignorance disguised as invincibility. Weak leaders boast and divide. Strong leaders reach out to unify. Zimbabwe needs dialogue on reforms, economy, legitimacy and nation building not GNU,” said Chamisa.

Human rights lawyer, David Coltart weighed in saying the national dialogue the opposition is calling for should be anchored on inclusivity including the ordinary men not to be left out to the elite politicians to decide alone.

“All stakeholders must be at the table, and there must be an agenda of real reform that goes to the heart of the crisis: an illegitimate and captured state,” Coltart said in a Twitter post today.

The call for dialogue in Zimbabwe has reached a new crescendo with the popular cleric and business man Dr Shingi Munyeza pleading with both Chamisa and Mnangagwa to find the common ground.

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“To our political leaders Mnangagwa and Chamisa, please hear our cry. To President Mnangagwa GNU is not what we seek but a united Zimbabwe is what we seek. To Advocate Chamisa thank you for sending the positive signal,” Munyeza said.

Zimbabwe is currently experiencing an economic crisis whose effects have been shortages of basic commodities and fuel. Government is also struggling to secure adequate foreign currency to ensure the availability of raw materials needed by manufacturers to produce items like cooking, bread and soft drinks among others.

This together with sharp division among the Zimbabweans following a disputed election has exacerbated the need for dialogue to arrest the ever deteriorating cost of living for the ordinary citizen.

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