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Fashion Futures comes to Bulawayo

BULAWAYO - From the 8th - 10th of March 2019, Chenesai in partnership with British Council and Nataal Media presents Fashion Futures an all female-led multinational project curated by Chenesai Mukora-Mangoma, to foster creative engagement…

Its A FILA Christmas

Since time immemorial, Christmas is often associated with high spending and shop operators take it as a period to rake in sales. As a result, this has given birth to Christmas fashion trends with the most notable ones being camouflage…

Will Enzo Stand The Test of Time?

Winky D deservedly earned the title "undisputed king" of Zimdancehall simply for standing the test of time. The Bigman has seen many artists come and go while he soldiered on, re-inventing his sound and beat to remain relevant to this day.…
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