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Dembare Supporters Association Announce Total Boycott of Home Games

Below is the full text of the Dynamos FC Combined Supporters Association who announced a total boycott of all home games for the Harare giants to force the club executive to recognize their existence and need to be consulted especially at times when the team is going through a bad patch.

The statement was released following a meeting held by various supporters association including Harare Chapter, Harare metro, Bulawayo Chapter and Bindura chapter among others.

Following a poor run of results by our beloved team since day one of this season, as supporters, we expected to be informed or consulted on the problems bedeviling our team. We tried to make an input as well through NEC but calls for meetings were turned down by the people we thought are our mouth pieces. We watched helplessly Chipunza going to Ngezi, Denver to Caps, Epoupa? A lot had been happening but medium of communication had been blocked.

Efforts to engage team management were also fruitless. Instead of receiving good treatment befitting our position as an important stakeholder in the institution, equal to that given to customers by organizations, we were victims of ‘go hang’ sentiments.

After consultations and deliberations, the undersigned chapters agreed on the following:

  1. The current NEC is no longer recognized since it has not been serving the interest of the supporters. The fact that it was imposed by the team’s executive contrary to the provision of the supporters’ constitution also deems them illegal. How can the club management impose leaders who are not even elected members? Whose interest do they represent then in such a scenario? We want people who were elected by the people they represent.
  2. Respective chapter heads to appoint their own NEC as per constitution.
  3. An interim committee will lead operations paving way for elections within one month.
  4. Affiliation to be done direct to the club account not through NEC.
  5. All chapters to educate their members to desist from violence, hooliganism, missile throwing, and pitch invasions.
  6. Starting with this coming home game vs Bulawayo City, the association is withdrawing all its members from all home games (total boycott), until the team executive realizes that supporters are an important stakeholder to the club and they deserve to be informed or to be listened to. If the executive feels that they own the supporters and they can toy around with them, using their puppet NEC, they can continue like that.
  7. Members are very much aware of the team’s ownership structure and are not in disagreement of it but the executive must show respect of ‘the cow they milk’ as such, the statement by the imposed NEC chairman that our operations must differ now just because Dynamos is now a company is a sign that he ignores the fact that when the club is run smoothly, the biggest winner is the owner so we are fighting for the owners also. They must reap the profits of their investments, we respect that.
  8. As soon as management acknowledge the existence and importance of supporters, the home game boycott will be called off and operation fill Rufaro stadium will be launched, something we have been doing all along even when the chips were down.
  9. The Association is also not happy with the continued statements by management that supporters are doing nothing to help the team. We ask them to open their eyes and realise that just by filling the stadium with everyone having parted with $3 or $5 week in week out is worth more than even the outside sponsors. The sponsors are attracted by the following that a team have more than anything else. The management must ask themselves why Netone is sponsoring Dynamos, Caps United and Highlanders.

Association Members

  1. Harare Chapter
  2. Harare metro (HKD)
  3. Chitungwiza Chapter
  4. Bulawayo chapter
  5. Kwekwe Chapter
  6. Bindura Chapter
  7. Ngezi Chapter
  8. Zvishavane Chapter
  9. Chinhoi Chapter

Interim Committee

Chairman                             Khain Nyambuya (Harare Chapter Chair)

Vice Chairman                    Jubilee Mlilwana (Bulawayo Chapter Chair)

Secretary General                Pozait Jotamu      (Chitungwiza Chair)

Treasurer                             Solomon Mutsinze (Kwekwe Chair)

Organizing Secretary          Brighton Fakamali  (HKD Chair


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