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Integrate Inclusive Reform Agenda: ERC


Government failure to integrate an inclusive reform agenda that includes issues “noted in the Lima process and ZIDERA” will cripple the economic reform agenda, poll watchdog, the Election Resource Centre (ERC) executive director, Tawanda Chimhini has said.

“It is clear that the agenda, while focused on economic recovery, which is evidently a priority, remains lacking in responding to the governance issues noted in the Lima process and ZIDERA both of which should be addressed for a sustainable economic recovery.

“While voting was concluded after the 2018 harmonized elections, elections remain central to the governance question that is affecting our economics,” Chimhini said.

He said in the absence of a clear reform agenda, “Zimbabwe’s mantra of a new dispensation will remain rhetoric that will never unlock the essential international acceptance that will sustain economic recovery”

Chimhini reminded government that a clear and sincere resolution of governance is central to addressing the economic questions of the day.

“An attempt to address electoral concerns noted by observers invited to watch the 2018 elections should be reflected in the legislative priorities accompanying the economic issues in the first session of the 9th Parliament,” Chimhini said.

Chimhini said arms of government have an opportunity to show a sincere acceptance of the link between economic recovery and democratic governance and reflect through action, “genuine pursuit of a new dispensation beyond the rhetoric.”

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The ERC reminds both the executive and the legislature that an isolated focus on economic recovery without considering governance issues associated with law reform and strong oversight of institutions supporting democracy will yield limited results.



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