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At Least 95 killed in Mali attack

At least 95 people were killed in an attack on a village in Central Mali, where the ethnic Dogon community lives, officials said on Monday.

Local residents said the bodies of the dead were burned, and the search for any more bodies was ongoing.

According to Reuters news agency, the attack was staged by semi-nomadic Fulani herders at night.

Mali has seen an escalation of attacks in recent months, some ethnic while others were carried out by jihadist groups.

In March, more than 130 Fulani villagers were killed by armed men wearing traditional Dogon hunters’ clothing.

Clashes between the two ethnic groups have increased since 2012 when northern Mali experienced a militant Islamist uprising.

The Dogon ethnic people largely live a traditional way of life.

Both sides have accused the other of carrying out attacks.

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