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Bad Governance Not Sanctions Affecting Zimbabwe: Mahere

MDC Alliance spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere has reiterated that the country’s crisis is a result of bad governance, not sanctions as claimed by the government.

On Sunday, the country marked the first anniversary of the anti-sanctions solidarity day with the government calling for the unconditional removal of illegal sanctions imposed by the United States and the European Union over alleged human rights violations.

In an interview with South African broadcaster SABC Sunday, Mahere said sanctions are a propaganda tool as a defence against bad governance and corruption.

“Sanctions are just a propaganda tool that’s being used by this regime to excuse the bad governance and corruption crisis that we see in Zimbabwe. If you look at how this government has conducted itself, if you look at the human rights abuses, if you look at the abductions, if you look at all the corruption scandal, you will see that it’s not sanctions that are responsible for Zimbabwe’s crisis. Its bad governance that is at the root of Zimbabwe’s suffering.” said Mahere.

She accused President Emmerson Mnangagwa of backing down from his statements after assuming office in which he said the country should not mourn about sanctions.

“The Zimbabwean government has got the power to control things that are within its purview if you recall when Mr Mnangagwa got into power he made a huge song and dance that we should not mourn about sanctions.

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“He said we should work around sanctions he made a big deal about the fact that Zimbabwe would be open for business, he made a big deal that unlike Mr Mugabe  before him  he was going to do things differently to reform the country,” she said

She added, “Now we see this very interesting about-turn when we see the same excuses that were used by the old regime being used again by Mr Mnangagwa.”

The United States Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Brian Nichols dismissed the government’s anti-sanctions music gala saying it is an excuse meant to distract the people of Zimbabwe from the real issues.

“I think if the government of Zimbabwe puts the energy that they put into organizing these types of events, and generating statements from other SADC members, into pursuing the reform agenda, that the government of Zimbabwe campaigned upon and talked about three years ago, in November 2017, and then, in 2018, at the inauguration of His Excellency the President, they would have advanced further in that reform agenda,” Nichols said.

Meanwhile, in his anti-sanctions solidarity President Mnangagwa said sanctions were a form of aggression against the country and had an accumulative effect on every sector.

“Sanctions are without doubt a form of aggression against my country and a tool of regime change. The cumulative effects of these illegal sanctions have been devastating in every sector.” Mnangagwa

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He commended the European Union for taking ‘positive’ steps towards normalising relations with Zimbabwe and urged the US to return a hand of peace that the country has extended.

“I further acknowledge and commend the EU for taking some positive steps towards normalising relations with my country. We urge the United States of America and the United Kingdom to reciprocate the hand of peace and friendship Zimbabwe has extended. Our friendship remains stretched out to all.”

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