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CSOs to Engage Kadoma City Council Over Inhumane Living Conditions in Kadoma

By Natalie Joma

Civil society organisations are set to petition the Kadoma City Council over the continued health hazard at the Single Quarters (SQ) section in the high-density suburb of Rimuka.

Families at the SQ section in Ward 2 share toilets with over 200 individuals sharing a single toilet.

The situation is worsened by the fact that there is no running water  or flushing system at these toilets which are also used by passers-by.

The toilets are infested with human excreta while sewer bursts are persistent in the area and this continues to expose residents to diseases. Interviewed residents said the sewer pipes were last changed in 2019.

 Non-collection of refuse also continues o pose a threat to the health of residents in the SQ area.

During a meeting hosted by the Zimbabwe Constitutional Movement (ZICOMO) in Rimuka this month, residents expressed concern over the poor state of affairs at the SQ section and called upon council to act and avert loss of lives in the area.

In an interview, with online TV, ZEEMTV the Director of Youth Alliance for Democracy (YAD) Tichaona Masiyambiri said that the critical situation in the SQ area is a major cause for concern and calls for urgent intervention

“The toilet situation in Kadoma Single Quarters area located in Ward 2 of Rimuka has become a major cause for concern as it poses health hazards to inhabitants in the area. The toilets last functioned properly  a long time ago and are characterized by heaps of human excreta which residents have to navigate  to find a safe spot to defecate on.

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“The area has no running water which can be used alternatively to flush toilets as the flush systems are down. The condition of the toilets is inhumane and blocked sewer systems have led to open defecations  and this exposes residents  to diseases such typhoid and cholera. We as Youth Alliance  Democracy together with Berina Arts and the Kadoma Residents Association have initiated a process whereby, we are supporting  a petition development process where we would want to  authorities to act on these issues”  said the director of Youth Alliance Democracy Tichaona Masiyambiri.

He said engagement with authorities remains key in light of the challenges being faced by residents from the SQ area.

The Constitution of Zimbabwe under Section 73 guarantees the right to a healthy environment  while Section 77 (a) guarantees the right to safe, clean and potable water.

Contacted for comment on the matter, Rimuka Ward 2 Councilor, Svorai Chiwara,  said plans are in place to rehabilitate the toilets.

“We are running a tender to rehabilitate the toilets. We are at evaluation stage and the contract is expected to start early April” said Chiwara.

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