FreeZim Congress Capacitates Women Ahead of 2018 Elections

FreeZim Congress led by South African based businessman, Joseph Busha is rolling out income generating projects to female party members as a way of bolstering their participation in the 2018 elections.

Close to 100 women from the party’s 10 provincial committees were in Harare to attend a workshop where they were received training in business management skills and civic education.

The meeting, facilitated by the Election Resource Centre and Young Voters Platform sought to empower FreeZim Congress women some of whom are the party’s aspiring candidates in the 2018 general elections.

The move according to FreeZim Congress, Women Chairperson, Niver Muronzi was to equip and empower women leaders from all the country’s 10 provinces on election related information as well as giving them capital for projects that will help them resource their campaigns during next year’s elections.

“Our workshop today (Friday) is to equip women leaders with knowledge on elections for example voter registration, how to contest an election, campaigning and leadership principles.

“We will also teach them on how to manage projects.

“FreeZim Congress is sponsoring women on doing projects in different parts of the country. So, it may not be wise to start by giving them money without equipping them with business management skills on how to manage the monies,” said Muronzi.

She added that women were discouraged from contesting during elections due to financial resources saying her party is working on giving women capacity to resource their campaigns as they will be able to use money from their projects.