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Gvt Reduces Essential Service Staff To Curb Rate Of Infections

The Public Service Commission has among other measures directed Government departments to reduce the number of essential service staff by 15 % following an upsurge of Covid-19 cases in the country.

In a circular to Government Ministries PSC Secretary Ambassador Jonathan Wutawunashe said the risk to sustainable service delivery has become an overriding priority owing to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The Commission has noted that some Ministries are requesting permission for additional staff to be present at workstations in addition into numbers that were approved on 27 March 2020. As much as the Commission takes cognizant of the need for service delivery, the risk to sustainable service delivery associate with Covid-19 has become an overriding priority.

“The public service Commission is therefore directing all Ministries to reduce the number of essential service staff to 15% of the current members coming to work. Provide tools of trade so that people work from home. Fumigate offices every two weeks. Reduce the number of people who use public transport since local community transmission is on the increase.” said Ambassador Wutawunashe

He added “Avoid positioning workers side by side and / or face to face in the work place, in instances where office space is shared. Assign clearly certified activities and tasks for those working from office and those working from home. Avoid assigning high risk tasks to members who have preexisting medical conditions including members who are pregnant.”

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The Commission directed that members who are at home, apart from discharging duties assigned to them should be on standby and may be called to workstations at any time.

Meanwhile Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet Dr. Misheck sibanda has announced that next week’s Cabinet meeting will be held on a virtual platform.

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