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Mliswa Guns For Rautenbach, White Capital Monopoly

Firebrand Norton legislator Temba Mliswa has revived his rivalry with business tycoon Billy Rautenbach among other white businessmen who he says have captured the country at the expense of the ordinary Zimbabweans.

Addressing journalists in Harare, Mliswa said black business persons’ cartels were nothing compared to the white business community in terms of corruption.

“You talk of black cartels, they are nowhere near the white cartels,” charged Mliswa.

The outspoken legislator named Innscor Africa among corporates he accused of externalising foreign currency and getting preferential treatment from key state institutions including the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.

“Innscor Africa, Bakers Inn, Colcom, Irvines are all a white monopoly. Don’t tell us that blacks are destroying the economy. Now they are into the mining sector. Innscor Africa is controlling the whole food chain. We have evidence on how they inflate price”

Turning to Rautenbach, Mliswa said the business mogul wanted to evict residents from Joshua Nkomo Co-operative from a state owned land which he does not own.

“Marimba residential properties is not a registered company according to the Ministry of Justice. Billy Rautenbach has no offer letter to this land, but because he is white the Government allows him to do that” he said

He alleges that one Colonel Matonhodze acts as a front to Rautenbach and is a sellout.

“Colonel Matonhodze is a sellout. He has always been a sell out during the liberation struggle. He has not stopped. The ZRP without a court order, with support unit armed with AK 47 removed people from their land because they support Billy Rautenbach.

“Billy Rautenbach has captured the Police and some Government officials. The white man will never be arrested…. Yet ZACC says we must report cases of corruption. I have come to compliment Lewis Matutu and Godfrey Tsenengamu’s noise. They did not have the evidence but now I have it…we must start a revolution to reclaim what is ours from the white monopoly,” added Mliswa.

This is not the first time that Mliswa has blasted Rautenbach over the same issues, last year Mliswa revealed that the businessman had been given land without title deeds leading to the evacuation of more than 10000 people from the Joshua Nkomo residential area in Kambuzuma.

Rautenbach could not be reached for comment.

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