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National Foods Donates to SOS Children’s Village

National Foods Limited on Monday donated one thousand kilograms of the newly added range of mealie meal, Pearlenta High Fibre, to SOS Children’s Villages Zimbabwe with the donation expected to enrich the nutrition of children living at the orphanages in Harare, Bindura and Bulawayo.

The company which recently launched the Pearlenta High Fibre range added with bran noted that their donation will go a long way in helping children at SOS enjoy the fibre in the mealie meal for their health and growth.

In an interview with 263Chat, the Group Marketing Executive, Angela Mpala, said “We at National Foods firmly believe in the beneficial health traits found in the new Pearlenta High Fibre, particularly for children whose bodies are still undergoing growth.

“We would like to add goodness to every meal that children enjoy and fibre is important for their health, growth, and energy provisions for the day.

“We hope this donation will go a long way in helping the children at SOS,” said Mpala.

SOS Village Director, Knowledge Chikondo encouraged National Foods to continue with their good gesture saying his organisation had been saved of part of its routine expenses.

“We have been saved of expenses, the money which was meant to buy mealie-meal will now be directed to other things like schools fees, clothing and health.

“We are very grateful to National foods for the donation, other cooperates will emulate them and come see what else SOS Village needs,” said Chikondo.

The donation by National foods will also be distributed to the SOS villages in Bindura and Bulawayo respectively with SOS Children’s Village Harare and Bindura receiving 500kg composed of 260kg Pearlenta High Fibre Maize Bran and 240kg Pearlenta High Fibre Wheat Bran.

SOS Children’s Village in Bulawayo will receive 500kg – 260kg Pearlenta High Fibre Maize Bran 240kg Pearlenta High Fibre Wheat Bran.

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